New album: The Kennedys at Beaver Point will
be released 14/1/19 on New Jazz Records.


On 14th of January, 2019, Treppenwitz release their second album on New Jazz Records, The Kennedys at Beaver Point. This album was recorded at the same time as the first album, Short+Long Ditties, and in a sense is its sister record. It goes hand in hand with Short+Long Ditties, and is essential for gaining a complete picture of where the band was at that time; the music on The Kennedys at Beaver Point feels dusky, opaque and almost secretive. Where Short+Long Ditties documents the beginning of a journey, The Kennedys at Beaver Point represents its completion.


The album will be available to stream and download from our Bandcamp page on 14/1/19.




Intense and fearless…the strong musical relationship between these three leading young jazz musicians allows them to delve deep into improvisation, with beautiful original melodies and fascinating rhythmic structures….
Ilkley Jazz Festival

In something of a crowded market, the young piano trio Treppenwitz is making a fresh new case for the medium, with an ensemble sound and historical awareness that both builds upon and ignores what has come before. Their performance at mjf 2017 captivated the audience with its reflective miniatures and extended investigations into sound, not afraid of lyrical melodies – nor of avoiding them. It’s a band that will surely blossom over the coming years.
Steve Mead, Manchester Jazz Festival


Long bio


Treppenwitz, n. – treppen (stairs) + witz (wit) An event or fact that seems to contradict its background or context.

…(t)he main character in Treppenwitz is a miniature spiral staircase model paralyzed by its future, enchained by its past. It resents everything about its existence including the fact that it was carved by a craftsman rather than having sprung from the womb of a Matryoshka doll. Nor was it conceived as the creation ladder of Ramon Llull’s 14th century eight-step ascension theory…

Matthew Aplin – piano
Tom Riviere – double bass
Steve Hanley – drums

Treppenwitz is a project with a unique approach to improvised music. The central philosophy is that all music is related, outgrowths from the same seed; passages of explorative beauty and space sit alongside energetic bursts of freedom. Compositions are contributed by the members, with something open-ended deliberately in mind; the shapes and contours of the music develop organically, different every time, always seeking.

The band was formed in January 2014 after (though not because) a Philadelphian drummer, Matthew McGraw, left the city of Leeds. The music they make can be seen as an indirect response to this change of circumstance. With time and curiosity and willing at their disposal, they started to explore music from the free jazz movements of the 1960’s, with a view to carving out an original voice through the nuances of the idiom; their heroes were Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy and Paul Bley. Leeds was a place where a lot of people were making things happen on a DIY basis, and situated within this vibrant milieu, they were well placed to start gigging, coming to form part of the fabric of the DIY music scene. Gradually they transitioned to playing exclusively original music.

In 2015, they were approached by New Jazz Records, a not-for-profit collective run by local musicians, to record an album at Leeds Fold Studio. That November, they spent 2 days in the studio, recording more than 3 hours of music. Their first album, Short+Long Ditties, released in 2016 by New Jazz Records, was compiled from these fruitful sessions.

Their first album released, they embarked on a 17-date tour across the UK, with generous support from Arts Council England, enabling them to share their music with the wider world. It was the longest period of continuous playing they’d ever done together, and the music developed rapidly. By the end of this process, they were a different band.

A subsequent tour in Autumn 2018 enabled them to consolidate and build on this process, debuting a large volume of new music. During this period of touring, they played engagements at The Vortex, London; Jazz at the Lescar, Sheffield; The Canteen, Bristol; Manchester Jazz Festival; and many others.

In 2018, they were selected for Jazz North’s “Northern Line” touring support scheme.

They release their second album, The Kennedys at Beaver Point, on 14th January 2019.

A third album awaits release later in 2019.